Battle of the Bands, Manchester Academy, March 2004.

11_battle4980 Eleven 11_battle4981 Eleven a_battle5041 bj_battle5123 Bluejoy bj_battle5128 Bluejoy bj_battle5136 Bluejoy bj_battle5142bw Bluejoy fid_battle4935 Frank Is Dead fid_battle4936 Frank Is Dead fid_battle4937 Frank Is Dead fid_battle4942 Frank Is Dead fid_battle4946bw Frank Is Dead fid_battle4948bw Frank Is Dead fid_battle4949 Frank Is Dead fid_battle4953edit Frank Is Dead gh_battle5106 Grayson's Hour gh_battle5108bw Grayson's Hour gh_battle5113 Grayson's Hour gh_battle5115bw Grayson's Hour s9_battle5002 Session 9 s9_battle5151bw Session 9 s9_battle5154 Session 9 s9_battle5161 Session 9 s9_battle5161bw Session 9