Isle of Wight Festival on Sunday 12th June 2005.

iow05_12980bw Countermine open the Sunday festival. iow05_12981 Countermine iow05_12983 Countermine iow05_12985 Countermine iow05_12989bw Countermine iow05_12994 Countermine iow05_13001 iow05_13005bw The Subways. iow05_13007bw The Subways. iow05_13008 The Subways. iow05_13009 The Subways. iow05_13015 The Subways and a building crowd. iow05_13019 Everyone finds a spot and settles as events hot up. iow05_13027 The festival spirit iow05_13097 Starsailor's set list and James Walsh's guitar iow05_13158bwgrain Starsailor cases and Michael Stipe's bullhorn in readiness on Bill Rieflin's drum platform (R.E.M.) iow05_13374 Embrace's guitars being prepared for their set. iow05_13383 Camera crews cover all aspects of the festival day. iow05_13384 Embrace guitar cases. remiow05_13098bwgrain R.E.M.'s gear on the Isle of Wight stage in readiness. spiow05_13385 Snow Patrol iow05_13445 The emotional climax to Snow Patrol's 'Run'. iow05_13447 iow05_13449 The crowd anticipate R.E.M. coming on stage. iow05_13532 A perfect end to a fabulous day, with R.E.M. on stage. iow05_13540 R.E.M. as darkness falls. fireworks_13592 The finale fireworks fireworks_13594 The finale fireworks iow05_13593 The finale fireworks