Soccer Six charity fundraiser at Elland Road, Leeds in May 2004.

soccer6244 The Music have a team talk. soccer6260 The Music at Soccer Six soccer6271 James Walsh of Starsailor soccer6285 Starsailor assisted by Paul Dalglish take on The Music soccer6286 Starsailor play The Music. soccer6302 Rob Harvey tries to keep the ball away from Stel and James of Starsailor. soccer6305 Starsailor play The Music soccer6309 The Music steal the ball from Starsailor soccer6337 Starsailor play Blazin' Squad soccer6348 Brendon gets a goal for Starsailor against Blazin' Squad soccer6423 The competition subsides after the full time whistle soccer6436 Starsailor tangle with a team from local radio station Radio Aire. soccer6481 Team deliberations for The Music. soccer6494 The Music, happy after a semi-final win. soccer6523 Paul Dalglish and Stel of Starsailor take on D-Side. soccer6537 Oi!  Hands off our striker D-Side